Emoji Turns Real

Swedish charity organisation Vi Agroforestry makes it possible for you to donate by texting the tree emoji. One tree emoji, equals the sum needed to plant one real tree in eastern Africa. And you can text up to 25 emojis in one text message.


Vi Agroforestry is a Swedish charity organisation that fights poverty and starvation in eastern Africa – through tree planting. Like charity organisations all over the world, they collect money through text donations. The problem is that people need to text complicated SMS codes to make donations.


The use of emojis is the new global way to communicate. The Esperanto of the 21st century.


We decided it was time for a better, smarter and more user friendly solution than complicated SMS codes. So, we teamed up with a technical provider – in cellular technology – and made it possible to donate through texting the tree emoji. For the first time ever – an emoji got a real value. Each tree emoji you text is equivalent to a donation of 2 US Dollars – which is the sum Vi Agroforestry needs to plant a real tree in eastern Africa. You can send up to 25 emojis in one text message. The campaign was launched in social media. We also promoted the tree emoji on digital billboards in Stockholm.